What is an Intergroup?

What is an Intergroup?  What is the Purpose of an Intergroup?

Do you know how many DA groups have returned to meeting in person? How many offer workshops, sell literature, answer newcomers’ questions? Is there a Public Information effort happening in order to ensure growth of DA throughout the county? Are our regional questions being asked at the national level? Is there an Intergroup Service Representative (ISR) that can get answers to our questions?

Together we can accomplish what none of us could accomplish separately. This is the simple principle underlying the need for an Intergroup in San Diego.

The primary purpose of any group is to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering debtor. In many instances, a group operating by itself cannot do this effectively. Thus, a group of 10 or 12 members would find it both expensive and difficult to undertake the creation of a website or to provide emailed answers to inquiries by potential members.

These activities, so important in carrying the message, are now being facilitated through the San Diego DA Intergroup. Intergroup is made up of 6 local DA members. We are excited to help build DA recovery in San Diego. And you are invited to join us!

With an Intergroup, people can learn what is happening elsewhere in their area. They can share knowledge and experience with new groups who may be struggling. Think of Intergroup as networking for groups, a starting point for newcomers, and a focal point for DA activity in San Diego.

Beyond these basic and fundamental purposes, an Intergroup can serve as a clearinghouse for information. Groups can elect and send an Intergroup Representative (IR) to the general meetings of the Intergroup so that they can share and receive experience, strength and hope in carrying the DA message of recovery.

(IR) Intergroup Representative – represents an individual DA meeting in the regional area.

(ISR) Intergroup Service Representative – acts as a liaison between the WSC & IG & performs service for the WSC. The ISR serves as a link between the Intergroup, General Service Office, General Service Board and the World Service Council.

( Above text from the DA Manual of Service, page 58. )

The San Diego DA Intergroup website serves as the first point of contact for newcomers to DA.

At sddaig.org you will find a list of meetings, and other resources. If you have questions, please email sddaintergroup@gmail.com.

The SDDAIG meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 PST. The meeting is via Zoom and all are welcome. Zoom ID 396 583 3455 PW SDIG2020