Welcome to Debtors Anonymous

Is your life unmanageable because of debt? Do you have difficulty in meeting basic financial or personal obligations? As a result of Debtors Anonymous, some of our San Diego DA members found that working the DA program help them achieve clarity and solvency. Some of our DA members paid off thousands of dollars of debt. Some of them feel happy and secure as a result of their work in the program. Debtors Anonymous can work for you, too.

Debtors Anonymous offers hope for people whose use of unsecured debt causes problems and suffering. We have a spiritual sickness around money in a culture that is focused on money.

We believe that compulsive debting is a spiritual problem with a spiritual solution and we find that solution by working the DA recovery program based on the Twelve Steps.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt. Even if members are not in debt, they are welcome in D.A. The Signposts on the Road to becoming a Compulsive Debtor include being unclear about our financial situation; having poor saving habits; overworking or under earning; a feeling that someone will take care of you, if necessary. These are just a few of the symptoms that drive people to seek recovery from their debting.

Our Fellowship is supported solely through contributions made by members; there are no dues or fees.

Debtors Anonymous is not affiliated with any financial, legal, political or religious entities, and we avoid controversy by not discussing outside issues. By sharing our experience, strength and hope, and by carrying the message to those who still suffer, we find joy, clarity, serenity and solvency as we recover together.

You are welcome to join us as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

( Above text from the DA website: debtorsanonymous.org. )